White, Green and Red Kratom

Kratom Sverige

How many different strains of Kratom powder have you come across? Have you ever thought about how many different types of Kratom are out there? It seems like there are hundreds of different types of Kratom.

Not to burst your bubble, but while there may be many different (even hundreds?) of Kratom options out there today, there are actually only a few strains that make up the whole gang. In fact, there are only three strains of Kratom – White, Green, and Red.

The reason it seems like there are so many different types of Kratom you can buy is for different reasons – one vendor will call each white, green, or red a certain name to distinguish which farmer they get it from. Another will mix two different farmers’ green kratom – or a red and white – and then call it something else. Some strains are categorized by region but some of the region names really mean nothing.

We’ve heard all kinds of guesses: red strain comes from a certain region, green strain is wild-grown, white vein has had a lot of water during its life cycle, etc. While all of these may seem logical, they are not the truth.

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