Kratom, integrity, and fairness

EU Kratom is located in Sweden and is managed by the same team that runs the Swedish site Kratomexperten. We founded our organization in synergy with the guiding principles of integrity, justice, and diligence. Since the market lacks honesty and justice and the industry makes excessive profits at the expense of consumers. Justice does not exist. This inspired and motivated EU Kratom to create an entirely new tale. You will therefore discover a very trustworthy alternative to purchase high quality Kratom from.

From the heart of Borneo, to You.

We are a ecommerce site that offers Kratom from carefully vetted farmers in various regions of Borneo. In pursuit of excellence, we have met socially engaged individuals and built relationships with the appropriate individuals throughout Indonesia. EU Kratom gets access to the most reputable and top producers as a consequence of networking and good relations.

As a result, we have a broad network of connections in Indonesia who are passionate about kratom. We continually look for what you’re looking for while placing a strong emphasis on quality assurance in order to offer a variety of products. The businesses with whom we select to engage carry out reviews of the farmers, quality checks, and training to guarantee that everyone follows “standard procedure operations.” Also that there are good working conditions, fair compensation, and high-quality products. Each batch of leaves from the farmers is subjected to lab testing by a third party to confirm, among other things, that the leaves are free of bacteria and heavy metals. The drying of the leaves occurs centrally in a contemporary, cutting-edge facility where everything are controlled to maintain the correct quality in the leaves.

EU Kratom loves Quality

The fact that the farmers are evaluated in the following terms is a crucial component of our commitment to excellence. Hygiene, work standards, working conditions, salaries, quality, etc. Due to this objective, we have partnered with an Indonesian Kratom partner that offers this procedure.

Our strategy has consequences of increasing marginalized sales for the farmers and the control organization while our margins are decreased. Nonetheless, the final customers get everything they need and a little bit extra.


Customer Orientation

At EU Kratom, we recognize that clients requirements, wants, and expectations aren’t expressed clearly. Our intention is to go above and beyond these demands through constant effort and development. We have made it our duty to operate with complete transparency due to the lack of transparency in the sector. By doing this, we make sure that our consumers can rely on the quality of our offers and the reliability of our products and services. By providing the best goods and services and remaining open and honest throughout the process, we aim to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.


The company

The company is located in Sweden, Jönköping – with the following address.

Address: Box 56
Zip code: 564 22 Bankeryd
Address: Box 56