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What is the difference between farmed and wild Kratom?

Kratom is divided into two categories: wild-grown Kratom and cultivated Kratom. While cultivated Kratom is often grown in controlled surroundings, wild Kratom refers to trees that grow naturally in rainforests. The difference between wild and farmed kratom can also be seen in the larger, thicker, and coarser leaves of wild kratom. The fact that the […]

How is Kratom grown and produced?

Kratom tree is a native plant from Southeast Asia that grows in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. The best and most stable source for a secure logistics chain and high quality Kratom is Indonesia, however there are many suppliers so the alpha and omega is to inspect these and find the serious and big players. We take a deeper look at the process of kratom manufacturing in Borneo Indonesia.